Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Solar Coral Lamps by Marko Vuckovic

Those amazing lights are the Coral lamps. The designer is Marko Vuckovic. Marko Vuckovic was born 12.10.1985 in Bor and graduate of Polytechnic University of Belgrade in 2009 with a major in Industrial Design. Participated in numerous group art exhibitions and won several awards in the field of visual arts.

 The lamps bring the aquatic theme at your home not only with look but also with feel and atmosphere. The lamps makes you forget the four wall room where you are and make you feel like you are somewhere far away or deep in the ocean. The light emitted form this lamps is very mood and relaxing. The lamps have solar panels at their base and produce there light from the sun power. The lamps are completely eco-friendly as the only use solar power. The lamps must be situated near a window or place with good sun power as the Coral lamps saves energy from the sun for the night. 

The light is looking very good as in the day so at the night. At the day the Coral lamps are perfect addition for your living room filing it with freshness and modernistic look. At night when the light start emitting the effect is beautiful. The light emits soft light that act very relaxing and comforting to the people.


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