Monday, October 31, 2011

Rubik's cube chest with hidden drawers

This is a very creative idea from a non professional designer and furniture maker. This is a design that comes to life from a father to his son’s room. The final product is very tempting and beautifully finished. Rubik's cube is probable one of the most recognizable toys of all time. Despite it's been more that 30 years from its invention the cube is played now days and keeps the kid and their parents busy. Solving the cube remains a reasonably rare feat - you're either smart enough to have figured it out yourself, or geeky enough to have followed a how-to, and most people are neither. 
This unique design is copied from this person and turned into beautiful chest with tree drawers. This cubic piece of furniture has only one of the three required axes of rotation, so is unsolvable in the conventional sense. But the color pieces are removable and can be rearranged in any configuration you like. What is interesting is that the drawers are almost invisible. They have hidden locks so the task to find them is getting harder. This is really an example of that everyone can make something that looks modern and is practical in the same time. We have a short video from the chest, you can find it at the end of the article.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Roca London Gallery by Zaha Hadid Architects Studio

On 13 October, London Studio Zaha Hadid Architects and Roca were the leading figures at the opening of Roca London Gallery, a remarkable building with modern design, with its facade and the interior, inspiration for which Zaha Hadid, twice winner of the Architecture Sterling says he has received from the element of water as a transformative element responsible for the birth of Roca London Gallery. By visual perception, precision of implementation and control of detail, Zaha Hadid and her team have sought direct suggestion of the relationship between the architecture of the gallery space and design of bathroom products under the brand Roca.

Miguel Angel Munari, senior managing director of bathroom products Roca, said:
"It is essential to have a presence in a city like London, the benchmark for design and innovation worldwide. London is also of strategic importance for our future business operations as close to us with our most important international distributors and customers. Here at Roca London Gallery, Zaha Hadid is interpreted perfectly our values and philosophy in an extremely exciting and tangible way."

"Fascinating interaction between architecture and nature." Thus, Zaha Hadid summarizes the results of their work for Roca.The style of Zaha Hadid cannot be confused. Even at first glance, outside the hall is distinguished from the surrounding buildings with concrete oval shapes simultaneously contrast and blend with the urban architecture of Chelsea Harbor.

Furniture specially designed for the hall is in the same oval style. The hall is located on 1100 square meters, much of which is divided into open spaces. The overall feeling is more like a gallery of modern art than a showroom. Products from Roca are presented in the arched spaces with smooth, oval, shiny, concrete walls, as if shaped by water currents.

The interior is remarkable, functional and dynamic. Audiovisual equipment and lighting are the last word of technique. Thanks to all this, visitors can get an idea at once, both for the company's history and its most significant achievements and the values enshrined in every stage of its activity, namely the commitment to sustainable development, particularly innovation, design, wellness and water saving. This is the fourth consecutive Gallery Roca and certainly most impressive.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sand Vase by Yukihiro Kaneuchi

This is a designer vase that will bring some freshness in your home. This is a perfect accessory for your home especially if the vase matches your interior. The vase name is Sand Vase and the designer is Yukihiro Kaneuchi. He is born in 1984 in Fukuoka, Japan. He studies Art and Architecture at the Tama Art University in Tokyo from 2004 to 2008 and is winner in many expeditions. The materials used for creating this vase are all natural. The designer used only sand and rise. In the middle of the vase there is a glass tube that holds the flower. The finished color is very earth and natural and will match almost all interior types.

This is what the designer says about this product:
Taking inspiration from the game ‘Bou-Taoshi’, I’ve created a series of vases made of sand and resin. The game is simple. First, players make a heap of sand and place a pole in the centre. Then each player takes turns removing sand, the one who causes the pole to fall loses. With its primitive element of creation and destruction, this game has been played for centuries. Here, the pole is transformed to a glass tube – time stopped with resin. The shape nears collapse, bringing a tension and delicate beauty to the flower.
In conclusion this is very good looking designer vase with steady shape. If you combine a couple vases in one spot you can achieve interesting composition. 

Nest - learning thermostat that save energy

As the cold months from the year are coming most of us are starting to think for the warmth in our homes. What is common is that we all have different preferences for the temperature and not only that but we change it all the time. Then we go out, we eat in home or go to sleep. But all this constant changes don't help us to achieve the desired temperature and in the same time to save energy. Here comes to help this slick and modernistic designed Nest learning thermostat. The company that makes this fabulous thermostat is located in Palo Alto, California. 

The really interesting part is how the Nest thermostat is learning your lifestyle in the first week of use and reprograms itself without the use of hand programming. The thermostat changes the desired temperature by itself and save energy in the same time. This is very eco-friendly and save you not only money but also and energy.  Nest calculates and shows you after how many minutes you will feel the desired temperature you set. The design is very contemporary the device is touch screen. There is a leaf icon that is shown every time you are saving energy. 

Nest learning thermostat has inbuilt Wi-Fi and can be access over internet form your laptop or mobile phone. With this you can change the temperature while you are away and get the desired temperature when you come back. The device cost around 249 $, and according to its creators you can save 173 $ from your bills. At the bottom of the page there is a short video representing the product.

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Spun floor lamp by Evie Group

This is The Spun floor lamp that was inspired by the classic wooden spin toy. The group behind this design and product is The Evie Group. They are Sydney based designed studio. The studio is created by Alex Gilmour and Dominic Chong in 2010. They produce a range of home wares, lighting and furniture under the Evie brand. Evie products are carefully considered, inspired by cross-cultural forms and classic designs. Complexities are hidden, creating products that convey simplicity, elegance and above all, a timeless aesthetic. 

The Spun lamp can be position everywhere. It looks great on the floor and on the table. The lamp has a rubber base that helps the lamp to be positioned on different types of surfaces. The other materials used in creating these lamps are frosted glass shade and chromed steel mirror finish in silver or gold. There are three different sizes of the Spun lamp as follows: Small: 200o x 335 H mm, Medium: 400o x 500 H mm, Large: 400o x 675 H mm. The lamp will be available for purchasing December 2011 or January 2012.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Babel - office holder by Adam + Harborth

There is a organizer that will make you forget about the traditional and boring desk organizers. This is The Babel modern office accessoar that will restore order when the chaos in your paperwork reaches
biblical proportions. Designed by Adam+Harborth the Babel is made from Oak wood. There are two different sizes of Babel. The one is bigger and can hold magazines and newspapers invitations or catalogues, and the other is smaller perfect to for the working desk and can hold notes , business cards or flyers. The larger version of Babel can also be used as a solid stool.

The Babel weight about 15 kg , the size is 39cm hight and 31cm in  diameter. The finish of the oak wood is smoked and waxed. The smaller version can be used to hold unfolded letters. Babel will turn your mess into a gorgeous geometrical arrangement. This version wight only 0.5 kg and have the size of 18,5 cm in height and diameter og 8,5 cm. The finish is lacquered beech white or dark oak smoked and waxed. The design is very fresh and no metter wicht version you choose you can be sure you get modernistic and practical accessorie for your home or office.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Dopper Water Bottle by Rinke van Remortel

This is a very smart solution for our everyday life, especially if you often go in the nature, practice at gym or ride a bike. This is the Dopper Water Bottle the perfect combination of bottle and a cup all in one. The Dutch designer of this very modernistic and practical bottle is Rinke van Remortel. The product is made in Holland. The Dopper is produced with a net zero carbon footprint and have all food approved hallmarks and is absolutely harmful. The Rinke van Remortel creation is consisted from three pars. As the top two are the lid. There are two ways to drink from Dopper Water Bottle. You can unscrew only the top lid and you can drink straight from the bottle or you can remove the both lid and the cup together and you have fully functional cup for drinking even with a base for standing.

 The bottle can be cleaned in the dishwasher. The materials used for the Dopper are ABS (the white part) Polypropylene (the blue part), partly from recycled material. And the dimensions are as follows: H 23cm and volume is nearly half a liter. The price of this modern bottle combo is around 11.99 pounds. As if you want you can customize your own logo on the cup of the bottle. If you have one like this you want need to buy anymore plastic bottles and throw them away.

Monday, October 10, 2011

20 Modern and Contemporary Kitchens

Even at the stage of thinking and planning of the interior of your kitchen it is necessary to know that everything in it must correspond to your and your only taste. Agree that modern kitchen - this is comfort. For this purpose very helpful are the appliances, and stands with rotating shelves and hanging racks for your favorite spices, and furniture on wheels and other. Use and search for the contrast. Workspaces of cold granite or synthetic materials and warm linen fabrics are suitable for any kitchen.

Lace curtains are hard to fit into kitchen interior. The impact of modern materials - glass and metal - is softened when combined with solid wood. It is better workspace to be close to the window and natural light source. Even in design step of kitchen construction we should provide adequate storage volume and number of electrical outlets. Modern kitchen furniture consists of systems that are built on a modular basis. Thus, each type of room can be designed individually - whether location of kitchen cabinets is L-or U-shape, whether or not there is a "cooking island" in the kitchen.

Some tips that can make your kitchen unique:

  • Unusually long handles. Made of stainless steel they give a luxurious look of the cabinets. They can be used for hanging towels, pots and other accessories.
  • Single original furniture. Some cabinets tier can be replaced with a container of rolls or a mobile kitchen.

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