Friday, October 21, 2011

Babel - office holder by Adam + Harborth

There is a organizer that will make you forget about the traditional and boring desk organizers. This is The Babel modern office accessoar that will restore order when the chaos in your paperwork reaches
biblical proportions. Designed by Adam+Harborth the Babel is made from Oak wood. There are two different sizes of Babel. The one is bigger and can hold magazines and newspapers invitations or catalogues, and the other is smaller perfect to for the working desk and can hold notes , business cards or flyers. The larger version of Babel can also be used as a solid stool.

The Babel weight about 15 kg , the size is 39cm hight and 31cm in  diameter. The finish of the oak wood is smoked and waxed. The smaller version can be used to hold unfolded letters. Babel will turn your mess into a gorgeous geometrical arrangement. This version wight only 0.5 kg and have the size of 18,5 cm in height and diameter og 8,5 cm. The finish is lacquered beech white or dark oak smoked and waxed. The design is very fresh and no metter wicht version you choose you can be sure you get modernistic and practical accessorie for your home or office.


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