Saturday, October 1, 2011

Claw Foot Collection by Dylan Kendall

This is very interesting collection of kitchen and bathroom footed dishware. The collection is from made from the design studio Dylan Kendall and is named Claw-foot. This is like you are being sending into a new world where everything is different more creative and with really cool design. All items in the collection are made from ceramic and are finished in white glazer. 

The price for the items varies as it start around 26 $ and can reach up to 56 $ depending on the size of the item. But what is included in this modernistic design collection? You can find in Claw-foot by Dylan Kendall Soap Dish, Creamer, Medium-sized bowl, Sugar Bowl, Sugar Packet/Tea Caddy, Tooth Brush Cup and a Vase. But for relieve of us this is not all the collections will be filled with new items.
 We are anxious to find out what they will be. Interesting in the design of the items is that they have feet and stand on their own on the table. This design makes them stand out in the crowd and make them perfect addition for every table or bathroom. 



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