Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Concept car Alfa Romeo Pandion by Stile Bertone

This is the design of the concept car Alfa Romeo Pandion. The designer of the exterior is the well know car auto designer Stile Bertone. The car still not in mass production but there are already a couple of finished products that were shown and car expos and market presentations. The name of the car is very attractive and interesting - a genus Pandion birds with a single representative Osprey. Accordingly, Pandion was created in honor of the 100th anniversary of Alfa Romeo, but also will show the possible design guidelines for future development of the successor of the Alfa 159.

And although the designers of Stile Bertone may not agree, it seems there is a considerable similarity between Pandion and testimony last year concept BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics. Similarities can be seen in the grille, the excessive use of glass on the doors, and somewhat in overall shape of the car. The design is very modern and fresh. There is a big transparent sunroof at the top of the car, the doors also have big windows starting from the front wheel and ending to the rear wheels. The car look like a two seated but there is and back row of seats in if need to pick up more than two people.


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