Thursday, October 27, 2011

Nest - learning thermostat that save energy

As the cold months from the year are coming most of us are starting to think for the warmth in our homes. What is common is that we all have different preferences for the temperature and not only that but we change it all the time. Then we go out, we eat in home or go to sleep. But all this constant changes don't help us to achieve the desired temperature and in the same time to save energy. Here comes to help this slick and modernistic designed Nest learning thermostat. The company that makes this fabulous thermostat is located in Palo Alto, California. 

The really interesting part is how the Nest thermostat is learning your lifestyle in the first week of use and reprograms itself without the use of hand programming. The thermostat changes the desired temperature by itself and save energy in the same time. This is very eco-friendly and save you not only money but also and energy.  Nest calculates and shows you after how many minutes you will feel the desired temperature you set. The design is very contemporary the device is touch screen. There is a leaf icon that is shown every time you are saving energy. 

Nest learning thermostat has inbuilt Wi-Fi and can be access over internet form your laptop or mobile phone. With this you can change the temperature while you are away and get the desired temperature when you come back. The device cost around 249 $, and according to its creators you can save 173 $ from your bills. At the bottom of the page there is a short video representing the product.


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