Friday, October 28, 2011

Roca London Gallery by Zaha Hadid Architects Studio

On 13 October, London Studio Zaha Hadid Architects and Roca were the leading figures at the opening of Roca London Gallery, a remarkable building with modern design, with its facade and the interior, inspiration for which Zaha Hadid, twice winner of the Architecture Sterling says he has received from the element of water as a transformative element responsible for the birth of Roca London Gallery. By visual perception, precision of implementation and control of detail, Zaha Hadid and her team have sought direct suggestion of the relationship between the architecture of the gallery space and design of bathroom products under the brand Roca.

Miguel Angel Munari, senior managing director of bathroom products Roca, said:
"It is essential to have a presence in a city like London, the benchmark for design and innovation worldwide. London is also of strategic importance for our future business operations as close to us with our most important international distributors and customers. Here at Roca London Gallery, Zaha Hadid is interpreted perfectly our values and philosophy in an extremely exciting and tangible way."

"Fascinating interaction between architecture and nature." Thus, Zaha Hadid summarizes the results of their work for Roca.The style of Zaha Hadid cannot be confused. Even at first glance, outside the hall is distinguished from the surrounding buildings with concrete oval shapes simultaneously contrast and blend with the urban architecture of Chelsea Harbor.

Furniture specially designed for the hall is in the same oval style. The hall is located on 1100 square meters, much of which is divided into open spaces. The overall feeling is more like a gallery of modern art than a showroom. Products from Roca are presented in the arched spaces with smooth, oval, shiny, concrete walls, as if shaped by water currents.

The interior is remarkable, functional and dynamic. Audiovisual equipment and lighting are the last word of technique. Thanks to all this, visitors can get an idea at once, both for the company's history and its most significant achievements and the values enshrined in every stage of its activity, namely the commitment to sustainable development, particularly innovation, design, wellness and water saving. This is the fourth consecutive Gallery Roca and certainly most impressive.


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