Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Silhouette and Eclipse lamps by Angela Jansen

This is a lamp collection from the designer Angela Jansen. She graduates Design Academy Eindhoven.  The collection is composed from two modernistic lamps The Eclipse and The Silhouette. The lamps bring us back at the traditional and maybe old-school look of the lamp but in the same time when you see the floating part and all the technologies used in it this is really piece of very modern lamp.

 The Silhouette lamp is consisted from handcrafted wooden base with a high glossy black finish. The power cable is also covered in black fabric to achieve a better look of the overall product. The other lamp is Eclipse is little more orientated to modernistic design. It consists of a hand-crafted glass foot for base. The lampshade is made to look like a drum and is finished in matt black. The light flows through the openings of the mirror which covers the lower part of the lampshade Both lamps levitate and in the same time emits light tanks to latest technologies and in particular the LED. They are very economical and eco-friendly lamps.

 Another interesting part is that the lamp can be dimmed at any intensity only by a touch from a fingertip. The light intensity from these designer lamps is 300 Lux. The power consumption is also impression for the levitation it use only 3 W and when fully lit 15w.


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