Monday, October 3, 2011

Stingray by Thomas Pederson

This modernistic looking chair is made from Thomas Pederson from Decoratum based in London. The name of this contemporary chair is Stingray. The materials used for making this chair are strong and durable.
There is a chrome frame making the body of the chair. The seat of Stingray is made from top quality lacquer wood and for the back of the customer comfort they used leather cushion for the neck. The design is very agronomic and when you sit in the chair you are truly relaxed and fell like you are not sitting but connected to it. The price for this piece of design is about 3.950 pounds.

 The approximate Dimensions are as follows: Height 80cm, Width 120 cm, Depth 100cm. This design and the chair in particularly won to Thomas Pederson the Danish Design Prize. This is the highest design prize in Denmark and means very much to the Designers. The top of the sitting area in the chair is made with polished white color, as in the same time the bottom of the same seat is made looking as a real wood color. The design is very modernistic but in the same time very stylish and comfortable. The chair is perfect for any home or office.


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