Sunday, October 2, 2011

Top 5 articles September.

The top 5 articles chosen by you for September. Those are the most read articles from the last month. The selected articles are about interior design, furniture design, sofa in Bauhaus design and Modern design in interior.

Here is the list of these articles:
  1. Nest Chair by Markus Johansson
  2. Bauhaus sofa bed AA1 by Alavar Aalto ATELIER
  3. Solar Coral Lamps by Marko Vuckovic
  4. Plooop Carbon Fiber Chair by Timothy Schreiber
  5. Crossover collection of chairs by Ben Fredriksson

If you want next month to have different articles or articles as deferent theme it depends on you. Read and comment to popularize the articles you want.

Here is short information of the articles:

1. Nest Chair by Markus Johansson
The chair is made and look like a real nest, like the birds make there's from small roots and branches Markus Johansson make their chair same way. The chair is completely eco friendly not only by his name but also and by the materials used for constructing it. The only material that is used is wood. The wood can be finished in any chosen color blue, red or even black. The form of the chair is accomplished completely free form as all the pegs are twisted and chaotically combined to achieve this form.
This AA1 Bauhaus sofa bed designed by Alavar Aalto ATELIER. The design studio is working since 1939 and is located in Italy. The materials used for making the sofa bed are polished metal wood for armrests and leather. The sofa has adjustable seat and backrests. The sofa can easily be transformed to bed. The AA1 sofa bed is using very modern and comfortable reinforced foam mattress. The leather used for covering the mattress is hi-quality white leather. The cover can be removed to be cleaned or replaced.

The lamps bring the aquatic theme at your home not only with look but also with feel and atmosphere. The lamps makes you forget the four wall room where you are and make you feel like you are somewhere far away or deep in the ocean. The light emitted form this lamps is very mood and relaxing. The lamps have solar panels at their base and produce there light from the sun power. The lamps are completely eco-friendly as the only use solar power. The lamps must be situated near a window or place with good sun power as the Coral lamps saves energy from the sun for the night.
The chair is made from three general loops. Now with the new material used for construction the result is beyond imaginations. The look is very modernistic and luxury. The Plooop Chair is only 5 mm thick and the total weight of just 2.5 kilograms. The chair is very light and perfectly finished with the carbon fibers used for manufacturing. Timothy Schreiber really brings a new wave in design furniture’s, with this very fresh and modern chair. The Plooop Chair is perfect for indoor and outdoor use as the carbon fiber is very durable. Perfect for everyone who has a taste for futuristic design. 
This is the fresh and colorful collection of chairs Crossover by the designer Ben Fredriksson. He is carpenter and very creative furniture designer from Finland. The chairs in this collection are meant for all different places. They are wooden and can be used indoor and outdoor. They are perfect for your garden, balcony, living room or even your old school style club. The chair is inspired by the design of the classic 70s chairs. The chair is perfect for relaxing and lounging near the pool.


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