Tuesday, November 22, 2011

90º Vase by Cuatro Cuatros

This is a vase that is practical and modern designed. This vase is optical illusion depending on the angle you look at it. The vase is called 90º and is product from design studio Cuatro Cuatros. The studio formed in 2010 by four industrial designers from Valencia, Spain: Cristina Rodenas Lechiguero, Marina Frances Saez, Isabel Cortina Saez & Adrian Martinez Almonacid. Their designs want to give new solutions to everyday objects without being striking.

The vase is first designed as a drawing and then in converted to geometrical shape with volume. The real figure is not connected at the ends but depending on the point of view it looks like the both ends are connecting and are making the unreal form. The design is very fresh and innovative. This is a perfect addition for any modern home. The 90º is not only very interesting but also and stylish. This vase is a part of collection of interior furniture named on the mathematical numbers from zero to limitless maximum.


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