Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Dancing chair by Constance Guisset

The Dancing chair is uniquely designed furniture with a base from wood. The designer behind this project is Constance Guisset. He is currently working in his studio in Paris France. He is known with many of his projects. This one is interesting like all of them. The design of the chair is very elegant and stylish. The construction is very strong but in the same time flexible so it will be very hard to brake.

 As we mention the base is made from bent undulating wood. Constance Guisset leave the base with its natural wood color and the result is very slick and natural looking.
The material used for the cover

 The upholstered seating unit is in the form of a shell and perfectly matches on the chair top. The material is very easy to be maintained. The top of the chair make it soft and comfortable for the person sitting on it. The seating space is big enough so you can take a little nap in it. The Dancing chair will be great addition for your home. The chair comes with a little stool addition. It is perfectly used for resting your legs and fulfilling the overall comfort of the Dancing chair.


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