Monday, November 28, 2011

Drop light by Doolight

The lightening in our homes is very important. But most of the light fixtures on the market are fixed and you can choose once where to be your light source. On the ceiling on the wall or on the coffee table. But there is a solution for this. Doolight have made the Drop Light. Doolight is a product development company offering total solutions in design, engineering, and manufacturing. We develop many types of products with the sole intention of delighting people. Happiness is a goal that we pursue. We believe that we can communicate with the world through our products and that our lives and the lives of our customers will be enriched by them.

The Drop light is cordless and rechargeable light that can be moved everywhere and with this you can create your perfect interior mood. The light from Drop Light can be adjusted in intensively. Using these lights is really simple. For switching them on or off you just need to touch their edge. If you want to change the brightness you have to touch and hold the edge of the hanger and with this to achieve the desired mood. The Drop light is perfect for a night light for your children room because with one charge the light can last up to 10 hours. Other good feature is the material the lights are made. They are from flexible silicon and are very durable. The Drop Light is also an eco-friendly it use maximum of 30 W. The weight of a single drop is around 300g.


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