Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ferrari Millenio Concept by Marko Petrovic

27-year-old Serbian designer Marko Petrovic presented exclusive concept car. Ferrari Millenio, probably as his name suggests, is a futuristic sports car, using materials and technologies that we will most likely see in the automotive industry after tens of years. Conceptual Ferrari Millenio is powered by two electric motors that draw energy from the sun through solar panels or from the power supply through a wireless charger. Body and construction rely on the material "buckypaper", which is a thin layer of aggregate of carbon nanotubes, which are 50,000 times thinner than human hair. More importantly, this material is significantly lighter and stronger than steel or carbon fiber. 

Marko Petrovic describes his work as a mix of complex materials technology and design.  The car design started as a drawing and then goes to the 3d visualization. The concept Millenio is a two-seater cabriolet. The futuristic look is not only in the exterior but and in the interior. The model really looks exceptional and modernistic. We hope to see this car in production or at least a 1:1 scale model of it. But until then we can just look at the pictures and dream.


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