Friday, November 4, 2011

Kitchoo compact kitchens for small homes

In today’s fast life, when we can or sometimes we must change our job location more and more people prefer to live on rent. On other side the population is growing in fast temps and as a result the construction and architecture of typical living apartments is changing. The result is smaller apartments and less space for every room. The best solution in this situation is the use of smart furniture, compact enough and function in every cm of its size. Those are the compact kitchens by French company Kitchoo.

 The main idea behind these modern looking kitchens is to offer all the functionality you will expect from a normal kitchen in less space as possible. There are a series of kitchens models as in every one you can find integrated fridge-freezer, induction hobs and telescopic mixer tap. In addition you can add microwave, dishwasher oven and washing machine. Most of the models have space for recycle bin. The Kitchoo compact kitchens are very good solution for today’s homes. The design and functionality are so sophisticated that they will be great for any size home or apartment.


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