Monday, November 14, 2011

Kitty Meow bed by Studio Mango

The typical cat bed in an ordinary item in cat owners homes. There are rarely some that can be modern designed and looked as a piece of art. But Studio Mango came with a brilliant idea of how the cat bed must look. This bed is called Kitty Meow. Studio Mango is Dutch company but have studios not only in Holland (Breda and Rotterdam) but also and in China (Honk Kong). This product was designed for PetsInn Shanghai.

Paul Hendrikx Kitty Meow is big Kitty head that your cat can sleep inside or even at the top of the house between the Kitty ears. The material used to be made this product is PE plastic, this make it possible the Kitty house to be used indoor or outdoor without any problem. The product can be bought in big variety of colors, so you can really adapt the Kitty Meow to your interior or exterior.


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