Thursday, November 17, 2011

Lux bathtub by Thomas Linssen - Studio Thol

This design bathtub is made from the designer Thomas Linssen. He is working in Design Studio Thol located in Amsterdam. Thomas Linssen tried to make a different bathtub that will make the person that use it more relaxed and calm when inside. The bathtub design is not only internal but and in the form of the inside too. The bathtub is one of the graduation projects of Thomas Linssen at the Design Academy Eindhoven. The bathtub is made from polyester and marble composite material.

The outside structure is not only for stability but also is used like a mold for the tub. The base is made from strips of 33 mm thick American white Oak wood. The design of the bathtub is inspired by a chair as you can see in the final product. The chair is made completely agronomical for human body and this is how cam the idea of the perfect shaped bathtub. The dimensions of the bathtub are as follows: 188 cm Long x 87cm Width x 84cm High. The bathtub is available for purchase from the designer website. The price is around 12000 euro and you must wait approximately 2 months to receive the finished product.


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