Thursday, November 10, 2011

Stackable Vase by Leo Yiu

The Vase, almost everyone have one of them in their homes. But the typical vase is nothing special, all you can do is put a number of flowers in it. But what will you say are you known that they’re multifunctional vase. With unique design the Stackable Vase is possibile to be used in variety of ways. This is the Stackable Vase by Leo Yiu. He is born 1979 in Hong Kong and graduated in Industrial design at Institution Vocational Education (IVE). He worked as a designer in various famous design companies such as Viceversa and Living Gear in HK. Design from inner passion, creating humor and pleasure in our daily life he is always being fascinated with creating novelty products. He is convinced that "Even the most common object has a soul."

 If you are wandering what to do with your vase after the flowers withered, this is the solution the designer Stackable Vase. The vase could be dissected into three parts that can be separated from the big vase body and used separately. You can put your daily stuff, use them as decoration filled with colorful rocks or even put the remote controls for all home media devices.


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