Thursday, November 3, 2011

Top 5 articles October.

This is top 5 for October. In This month we have some really interesting and modern projects. Those are the top 5 read articles for the month. As we always say this list depend only on you and your visits. In this article you are welcome to comment any ideas about the blog or what kind of articles you want to see. This month the top 5 articles are generally on really great ideas of home furniture and accessories..

Here is the list of these articles:
  1. 20 Modern and Contemporary Kitchens
  2. Dopper Water Bottle by Rinke van Remortel
  3. Silhouette and Eclipse lamps by Angela Jansen
  4. Bubble Tank by Psalt Design
  5. Sand Vase by Yukihiro Kaneuchi

If you want next month to have different articles or articles as deferent theme it depends on you. Read and comment to popularize the articles you want.

Here is short information of the articles:

1. 20 Modern and Contemporary Kitchens

Even at the stage of thinking and planning of the interior of your kitchen it is necessary to know that everything in it must correspond to your and your only taste. Agree that modern kitchen - this is comfort. For this purpose very helpful are the appliances, and stands with rotating shelves and hanging racks for your favorite spices, and furniture on wheels and other. Use and search for the contrast. Workspaces of cold granite or synthetic materials and warm linen fabrics are suitable for any kitchen.
This is a very smart solution for our everyday life, especially if you often go in the nature, practice at gym or ride a bike. This is the Dopper Water Bottle the perfect combination of bottle and a cup all in one. The Dutch designer of this very modernistic and practical bottle is Rinke van Remortel. The product is made in Holland. The Dopper is produced with a net zero carbon footprint and have all food approved hallmarks and is absolutely harmful. The Rinke van Remortel creation is consisted from three pars. As the top two are the lid. 

This is a lamp collection from the designer Angela Jansen. She graduates Design Academy Eindhoven.  The collection is composed from two modernistic lamps The Eclipse and The Silhouette. The lamps bring us back at the traditional and maybe old-school look of the lamp but in the same time when you see the floating part and all the technologies used in it this is really piece of very modern lamp.
The fish aquarium is mandatory if you want to have fishes in your home. But the standard and classic aquariums are too boring and not all the time can be passed to our interior. The “Bubble Tank” can change all of that it is not only an accessory for your fishes but also is an important part of your interior. The design comes from the Sheffield based studio Psalt Design. 
This is a designer vase that will bring some freshness in your home. This is a perfect accessory for your home especially if the vase matches your interior. The vase name is Sand Vase and the designer is Yukihiro Kaneuchi. He is born in 1984 in Fukuoka, Japan. He studies Art and Architecture at the Tama Art University in Tokyo from 2004 to 2008 and is winner in many expeditions. The materials used for creating this vase are all natural. 


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