Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wood furniture by Nic Parnell

This is an example how something from the nature look like no one need them and can't make anything from them, but for other people those things are treasure and real idea inspirations. The designer that is behind this modern idea and look of these interior furniture collections is Nic Parnell. He is living and working in London in his Studio.

He is using only found or reclaimed wood for his designs. He tries to bring a new life to the wood by covering it with new materials and colors. Currently working with the process of electro-static flocking Nic now engages with new properties driven from its form and texture. He is experimenting with new forms and look of everyday life objects like lamps and small tables. Here we show a part of his big collection of branch lamps that all come in different shapes and colors. The result is contemporary and very stylish. There is something for everyone.


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