Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Cognac glasses by Rikke Hagen Normann Copenhagen

Those are very luxurious and modern designed cognac glasses. The designer behind them is from Rikke Hagen. These glasses are made with the thought to be the best combination of pure pleasure to the person using it and great functionality. The design makes the liquid inside to look great and in the same time the shape of the glass give you the full ability to sense the aroma of the cognac.

The movement of the liquid inside is very interesting. This glass is perfect for the special moments when you enjoy it with someone special. The glasses are sold in couples. The material used for them is only pure glass. The diameter of the glasses is 11 cm. The price for a pack of two of these amazing glasses is sold for around 66 USD. The glasses are strong enough and can be washed in washing machine. But for these luxury glasses we think it better be done by hand. The glasses have unique form and can be used not only as a typical glass but also as a vase or a candle holder.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Unformed vase collection

Every interior is not completed if there aren’t the finishing touches of it. This can be achieved with flowers, paintings or little accessories. One of those little items is the collection of flower vases named "Unformed". The designer behind this project is Kei Izumi. He was born in 1985, Hokkaido, Japan. Studied art and design at Kanazawa College of Art and Crafts in Japan (2004-8) and holds a bachelor’s degree in industrial design. Now working on consumer electronics manufacturers while personal creative activities.

The items in the Unformed Collection are designed in various shapes and colors. The designer tried to escape from the traditional forms and create a new environment with objects with new and different shapes. The vases are made from plaster and resin. Every vase has a couple of open spaces for flowers. You can freely rearrange them depending witch space you want to use. The colors of the collection are very fresh, you can choose from yellow blue or gray. No matter witch one you choose you will make a perfect addition for your home.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Accordion Cabinet by Elisa Strozyk and Sebastian Neeb

This is very modern design wooden cabinet. The final product is collaboration between designer Elisa Strozyk and artist Sebastian Neeb. The project is presented in this year 2011. The name of this not only great looking and functioning but also practical furniture is Accordion Cabinet. The form of the cabinet is free and very plastic and flexible. The main is made from 4 rows of shelves covered by flexible wood skin. All this is put on wooden legs for base.

Only wood is used for completing this project. The base and the shelves are made from mixed wood as the flexible skin is made from wooden textile.  The dimensions of the Accordion Cabinet are 163 x 100 x 43 cm. The designer’s tried to make the main part more visible as they make it with bigger volume and in the same time used very slim legs for base. The result is very interesting and depending on that is the Cabinet opened or closed you have two different contemporary looking cabinets. The color of the wood is left to be natural, this helps combining the Accordion Cabinet with any kind of interior or style of furnishing.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Top 5 articles November

This is our top 5 for November. In This month we also have some really interesting and modern projects. Those are the top 5 read articles for the month. As we always say this list depend only on you and your visits. In this article you are welcome to comment any ideas about the blog or what kind of articles you want to see. This month the top 5 articles are generally on really great ideas of home furniture and accessories..

Here is the list of these articles:
  1. Kitty Meow bed by Studio Mango
  2. Coffe Table Collection by Buechley Woodworking Studio
  3. Lux bathtub by Thomas Linssen - Studio Thol
  4. Stackable Vase by Leo Yiu
  5. Kitchoo compact kitchens for small homes

If you want next month to have different articles or articles as deferent theme it depends on you. Read and comment to popularize the articles you want.

Here is short information of the articles:

1. Kitty Meow bed by Studio Mango

The typical cat bed in an ordinary item in cat owners homes. There are rarely some that can be modern designed and looked as a piece of art. But Studio Mango came with a brilliant idea of how the cat bed must look. This bed is called Kitty Meow. Studio Mango is Dutch company but have studios not only in Holland (Breda and Rotterdam) but also and in China (Honk Kong).
Buechley Woodworking Studio has made a really unique and very modern collection of coffee tables. The design studio is owned by husband and wife Larry and Nancy Buechley. Their main design projects are with contemporary wood furniture. All finished products that leave there studio are hand-crafted. They use clean curving lines using the technique of bent lamination for achieving this great looking furniture.  The studio is located in the small mountain village of El Valle, New Mexico.

This design bathtub is made from the designer Thomas Linssen. He is working in Design Studio Thol located in Amsterdam. Thomas Linssen tried to make a different bathtub that will make the person that use it more relaxed and calm when inside. The bathtub design is not only internal but and in the form of the inside too. The bathtub is one of the graduation projects of Thomas Linssen at the Design Academy Eindhoven. 
The Vase, almost everyone have one of them in their homes. But the typical vase is nothing special, all you can do is put a number of flowers in it. But what will you say are you known that they’re multifunctional vase. With unique design the Stackable Vase is possibile to be used in variety of ways. This is the Stackable Vase by Leo Yiu. He is born 1979 in Hong Kong and graduated in Industrial design at Institution Vocational Education (IVE). 
In today’s fast life, when we can or sometimes we must change our job location more and more people prefer to live on rent. On other side the population is growing in fast temps and as a result the construction and architecture of typical living apartments is changing. The result is smaller apartments and less space for every room. The best solution in this situation is the use of smart furniture, compact enough and function in every cm of its size. Those are the compact kitchens by French company Kitchoo.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hemmesphere Lighting by Massow Design

The light is very important for every home. But not only the source and light intensity, the shape and form of the lights fixtures is also very important. From it depends the finished interior look and also what kind of light and shades produce the fixture. We found this very interesting collection of innovative lights called Hemmesphere Lighting. The designer studio behind this project is MASSOW DESIGN GROUP located in London United Kingdom. The main person in the studio is Barend Massow. He is born in South Africa. He laves Johannesburg in 1997 and go to London.

The main part of the body in Hemmesphere Lighting is made from laser cut birch ply material. They come in big variety of forms and shapes. Some of them are made from Eco bio-degradable birch ply. There is also and special edition that is mixing the main wood material with corroded steel, spun copper, perspex and aluminum.  The size for the Aura for example is 230mm in Wight and 400 mm in Height. The price for the standard models varies from 100 to 200 pounds. The special edition ones are from 1500 to 2000 pounds.

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