Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Cognac glasses by Rikke Hagen Normann Copenhagen

Those are very luxurious and modern designed cognac glasses. The designer behind them is from Rikke Hagen. These glasses are made with the thought to be the best combination of pure pleasure to the person using it and great functionality. The design makes the liquid inside to look great and in the same time the shape of the glass give you the full ability to sense the aroma of the cognac.

The movement of the liquid inside is very interesting. This glass is perfect for the special moments when you enjoy it with someone special. The glasses are sold in couples. The material used for them is only pure glass. The diameter of the glasses is 11 cm. The price for a pack of two of these amazing glasses is sold for around 66 USD. The glasses are strong enough and can be washed in washing machine. But for these luxury glasses we think it better be done by hand. The glasses have unique form and can be used not only as a typical glass but also as a vase or a candle holder.


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