Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hemmesphere Lighting by Massow Design

The light is very important for every home. But not only the source and light intensity, the shape and form of the lights fixtures is also very important. From it depends the finished interior look and also what kind of light and shades produce the fixture. We found this very interesting collection of innovative lights called Hemmesphere Lighting. The designer studio behind this project is MASSOW DESIGN GROUP located in London United Kingdom. The main person in the studio is Barend Massow. He is born in South Africa. He laves Johannesburg in 1997 and go to London.

The main part of the body in Hemmesphere Lighting is made from laser cut birch ply material. They come in big variety of forms and shapes. Some of them are made from Eco bio-degradable birch ply. There is also and special edition that is mixing the main wood material with corroded steel, spun copper, perspex and aluminum.  The size for the Aura for example is 230mm in Wight and 400 mm in Height. The price for the standard models varies from 100 to 200 pounds. The special edition ones are from 1500 to 2000 pounds.


solikeumm_yeah said...

I am doing a project on this company and need more info. Where should I go. Their website only gives so much.

ModernDesign said...

Hello, and thank You for your interest.
You can try this page:
We don't have any more info for the company.
Have a good day.

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