Friday, March 4, 2011

Wallflower Vertical Garden by Haldane Martin

The Wallflower Vertical Garden is designed from Haldane Martin from South African design firm.
The Vertical Garden system is perfect solution for everyone that love to grow flowers, plants and all kinds of plants, but doesn’t have the needed ground space. Perfect for lovers of organic food now you can grow your own vegetables on the side of your home or house. The Wallflower Vertical Garden is unique with that it can be placed on any vertical space. This way you save a lot of space on the ground and still have a huge variety of plants. Not only does the design provide insulation for your home, its ladder system provides a drip irrigation system.

The Wallflower Vertical Garden is a modular planter system with honeycomb pattern. The wall containers
are made in three different sizes:

  •  Large 800 x 575 x 470
  •  Medium 565 x 405 x 330
  •  Small 400 x 285 x 235

All modules are made of recycled roto-molded polyethylene plastic, the green wall planters can be fixed to walls with an intricate network of coated steel branches and trellises. They are attached to the walls with recycled stainless steel brackets. The color of the modules is soil-brown.

This system still can’t be found on the market, but is expected to be released soon.

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