Thursday, March 24, 2011

Gothic style design

Gothic style covers Europe and especially France in 12-15 century. The architecture includes new and dramatic views of space, using a sharp towers, dynamic bars and other radical refurbishments, but furniture design of the 12 century is not affected by the new style. The new cathedrals express abundance and wealth, but in conjunction with interior wealthy donors have enjoyed a simple, functional oak reinforced with metal ornaments and treatment to years about 1400. Then, more than a century to the panels of chairs, tables and chests of all sizes are engraved geometric shapes. The main features are the Gothic expressiveness, ease and mystique.

During the 15th century new forms are introduced. One of them is a kind of shelf with a small storage area secured by high legs, at the top there is space for ornaments, as well there is and a shelf. Cabinets are made ​​with one or more rows of storage space with doors. Another space is a wardrobe space - with two to eight high doors, folding area of 1.5 m to 2m. Together with architectural motifs as arches, columns and decorative items appear based to hanging paintings, pattern known as "folds”. Also for decoration of the rooms can be used mosaic.

The beds are with machined parts and decorated with a canopy and curtains. Chests are from wide strips or trays and frame construction with painting. Overall, the interior was simple, but the walls were decorated with wooden paneling. The main materials of the Gothic style are metal and stone, marble and various types of wood. There were a fireplace and leather on the floor. The main colors used were the white color and the natural color of the wood. Also then were used stained glass windows - stained glass in blue, yellow and red colors.

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