Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fall and Winter stool and benches collection

This is a collection of stool and benches from the designer Valentin Loellman. He was born in Southern Germany. Loellman graduated at the AFAM (Academy of Fine Arts Maastricht) in Nederland at 2009. After the graduation he makes the great step to make his own studio. This way this great collection Fall and Winter comes to our attention.

The whole collection of stool and benches is composed from unique item as each and everyone is with different dimmensions and structures. What make this collection even more special is that every piece of furniture is handmade, then marked from the designer and numberd with serial. If you get one of these you can be sure that this furniture will be unique with no duplicate. The design looks clean and simple. This make the stools and benches from this collection suitable for every type of interior, modern or even simpler and with little furnirure.

 Desipe the uniquness of each piece there is one common thing. This is the proces of manifucturing. The working process is constituent from connection of mortise-and-tenon joints to hazel branches. The top of Fall and Winter collection is always form an oak wood. The connections are filled and rounded to get smoother look with a mixture of glue and sawdust. The final look of natural wood and black legs is achieved with the technique of burning the wood and then treated with wax.  The top of the Fall and Winter is sanded then polished and treated with oil.

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