Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bravit Candle by Christophe van Bommel


The Bravit Candle is designed by Christophe van Bommel born in Monchengladbach Germany. The idea behind the design is that there are various paths for the flame to go. The design and pattern of the wick structure is visible from outside of the wax body. You start with just one flame and you can have three or four afterwards.

 When you light the first wick of the candle the flame start to burn and depending on the paths it can get different directions. The candle makes a perfect impression and is eye-catching. Great for romantic dinner or relaxing bath. One of the positives of the candle is that it will burn for a several hours keeping the good mood for longer time. The candle is sold in different sizes and forms. The sizes are XL, L, M and S. The price of the candle starts from 50 euro depending on size and form. The price for the stands used for Bravit Candle is about 3 euro’s.

Folded Leaf by Claesson Koivisto Rune

     The Folded Leaf is a modern design phone by the design studio Claesson Koivisto Rune that is based in Stockholm. The phone was created for Huawai Company. The designer’s tried to make the device with natural form as it name suggests it is inspired by the leaf form a tree form. Claesson Koivisto Rune wanted to make a phone that is with better design and have only the functions that are really needed. The designers say that new phones only really on functions and the design stopped to develop. The form of the phone is comfortable, easy to use and accessible. 

As the phone is folded it perfectly follows the shape of human head and matches the position of the speaker and microphone. At the rear of the device are the camera and the loudspeaker, they are combined behind the logo of an eye. The eye is representing the nature and its forms. The materials used for creating the phone and the bended in the middle form create a scratch resistance screen. The phone comes in variety of colors form yellow, green and black to red white and blue.  The center of the balance is in the lower half helping the user to navigate and use the phone when in his palm. Every aspect of this phone design is with the user in the center how the phone to be more user friendly and easy to use.

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