Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sasan Magic Carpet by Alexander Munk

The Sasan Magic Carpet is a new kind of home furniture designed by the German Design Strudio Alexander Munk. He is the founder of the design studio with the same name, the Design studio is located at the capital of Germany Berlin. This is thin like a regular carpet but in the same is multifunctional design furniture that can be used at variety of places and occasions.

The Sasan Magic Carpet is like a normal carpet but have many small slots on both sides of the carpet. Using specially designed red belts witch perfectly fit in the slots we are able to change the purpose of the rug in seconds. You are able to change the angle and position of the tree parts of the Sasan Magic Carpet so you can create from flat rug to boxy bed. This magnificent carpet can be used as comfortable lounge chair or cozy bed for one or two persons. That’s the good part you can choose want you want and can create something new and something that is useful for you.

 Alexander Munk created Sasan Magic Carpet so he can provoke customer’s creativity giving them something that seems like daily furniture but in the same time is multifunctional.

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