Sunday, June 19, 2011

Jonah Collection By James Harrison

This little furniture collection is designed by James Harrison it is called Jonah Collection. He set up a James UK with Kingdom in 2006. James UK is manufacturing and delivering design furniture’s to the end users. They bring to the design furniture scene unique and hi-end furniture that are remembered by the audience. The furniture’s are very beautiful and well designed. Every piece of this collection is handmade and inspected by the designers.

 There idea was to create a collection of furniture that is with perfect vision and can be placed in every home no matter if it is contemporary designed or cleaner designed. The Jonah collection is very comfortable and the furniture makes you feel very cozy. The set includes sofa and armchair they both have round edges and feet that are peg-like. The collection comes in two different colors - red and gray. The armchair is with following dimensions: Its 80 cm wide and 81 cm in depth. The height is 80 cm as the seat is at 42 cm height.

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