Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Frecciamela - Wall Fruit Holder

This is something that really catch our attention because of it creativity. This is Frecciamela and maybe it is the most unusual wall-mounted fruit bow you ever seen. The design of this modern fruit holder is by Nicola Loi and Andrea Maffezzoni. Andrea Maffezzoni was born in 1988 in Italy. The shape of Frecciamela is like an arrow. The tip and the back of the arrow design are saved as only the body is curved so it can hold general size fruits. The Frecciamela is made to be fixed at the wall.

The body of the arrow can be ordered in two variants one is acrylic stone and the other is aluminum. As for the tip of the arrow it comes only in aluminum. As not every wall is perfectly clean and not the fruits to make stains on the wall there is transparent acrylic plate behind the arrow. The plate is 2mm and is about 6mm from the wall leaving enough space for the fruits to be positioned. If you use this to store your fruits for day life or use it only as decoration you won't be wrong. Frecciamela is perfect for both of them and will fit in every modern design interior.

Adna Chaise by David Weeks

This is the Adna Chaise. This furniture is like combining two different worlds. The main idea is the contrast between the two parts of this furniture. The legs made form unordered pile of wood sticks and the sleek and modern top part where the seating area is. The designer is David Weeks who created this Adna Chaise. The inspiration of the bottom part of the furniture design is the construction of wooden rollercoaster and their wooden supports. 

He wanted to show the main construction and support parts and the beauty of them and not hide them like other does. The base is made from maple wood, as the upper part is made from fiberglass to form the seating. For more comfort and really sleek design he added leather upholstery. The Adna Chaise is presented at MatterMade Collection Number Two and not only is that but one of the featured furniture designs there. For the global design of this furniture and the whole collection that it is part from the designer David Weeks tried to combine the use of standard materials and show that in the right construction they can look modern and contemporary.

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