Thursday, July 7, 2011

Guidelines for Bauhaus furniture

     Today we will speak about some ideas what furniture to add in our room if it is expected to be decorated and furnished in Bauhaus style. The design of the furniture following the lines of the Bauhaus have the following characteristics:

  •  The used materials must be organic and natural (such as wood, leather, glass and metal)
  •  The main color but not absolutely necessary is the Black color.
  •  They have smooth shapes, consistent with the anatomical features of the human body.
  •  Many of them are with oval and rounded shapes.

     Take for example this glass and wood coffee table typical representative of Bauhaus style. The table is created form only three main parts, the glass top which is rounded in its three corners and the base which is consisted from two solid hardwood legs. The table is based on the designs of Noguchi made in 1940's. As we can see here we have clean and simple forms from natural materials as the base of the table is colored in black. 

      Another representative of this style is this sofa. This is reproduction of Hoffmann’s designs. The sofa keeps to traditional forms and is shaped like square. The sofa is designed with hardwood base with added on top black leather. Here we have another point of the Bauhaus style the classic box stitched squares that are turned into classic and are used in many furniture designs and not only the one made in Bauhaus style.

There are many more examples of furniture that will fit the room you prepared to make in Bauhaus style, but these main guidelines will help you choose the right ones for your home.

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Office desk "Google" by Danny Venlet

Are you a manager or a boss of a big company with a lot of respect and have huge office that you need to fill with something really classy and modernistic? Then all you need is to add in your office the Google Desk designed by Danny Venlet. The office desk is made for the furniture company Babini from Italy. The design is very simple but in the same time sophisticated and sleek. The form is very close to goggles from where the name comes. Also the design is vary aerodynamic. You can feel the lightness of the shape and form and the desk looks like almost lifted in the air. 

The Office desk comes in two general colors blue and white. The surface is polished and lacquered. The designers give you to choose the color of the inside of the desk from a various colors as yellow, pink, blue and others. This helps you fit this desk almost in any office with any color style. The desk from Danny Venlet has wooden drawers from the right side helping you store all the important documents and contracts you need. There is also additional table in the same design with fully filled drawers for more document space and giving the office space finished look.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Volskar Lamp by Blue Nature

This is the Volskar Lamp Collection designed and brings to the big audience by Blue Nature. This is one very unique lightening collection. The design is very close to the natural look of the trees. If you have a couple of these lamps you will feel like you are not at your home but outside at the nature. The design of the Volskar Lamp is made from three general parts. The first is the base of the lamp that is form steel and is lacquered for durability and better look. 

The base has three legs that look like roots to the growing tree in your living room. The next is the tree itself it is from natural birch that have some little branches giving it more realistic look. And as expected for a lamp at the top we have the "crown" of the tree white lacquered lampshade that gives finished modernistic design to the product. The collection has three different height of the lamp, the smallest is 122cm in height, the next is 156cm and the highest is 187cm.

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