Sunday, August 7, 2011

Exploded Bar by Charles Kalpakian

This is really interesting design idea for a bar storage. If you are looking for something that will draw the attention to it of your guest stop looking. You found it. This is the Exploded Bar by Charles Kalpakian. The idea behind this unique and modern design is to make this bar looks and even feel like its exploding. But you don't get blasted furniture but beautifully design illusion of the first moments of the explosion. The illusion is accomplished with the cracks in the front of the desk. To make the illusion even bigger there are backlights that make the feeling very strong and really gives it the realistic effect of exploding from within. The finished product is very stylish and can be perfectly fit in every modern room. The material that The Exploded Bar is made is oak wood. So if you are a fan of movies and special effects this is perfect bar for you what’s more you will get special attention from everyone just for holding one of these in the living room.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cloud Softlight by Molo

If you have a high ceiling room this is one of the most unique and modern design solution for you to light your room or home. You can turn your boring ceiling into fabulous sky arranged by you. Those are Cloud Softlight that provides beautiful and very smooth ambient light. The shape of the lights is like a cloud so you can really arrange your own sky in the room.

 The light used for the Cloud Softlight is LED, this with the combination of the soft material that the lamps are made give us the effect of blurry light that makes the clouds flying. The lights are suspended from the ceiling so you can very easily rearrange their position and with this accomplish a very new feeling in the room. There are four different sizes of clouds 22" 34" 46" and the biggest one is 64". As expected for this designer Cloud Softligh the price raise with the size. You can have one of this lamp for the following price according to the size about 450$ for the smaller, 700$ for the next size, 1.100 $ and the biggest for the price of about 1700$.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

20 ideas for modern arranged terraces

     Today we will talk about terraces or smaller balconies and will show you twenty ideas how to arrange them. The arranging of the terrace is no smaller task that a regular room. The design will depend on the size of the terrace and that is the top open or closed. The terrace can have a lot of purposes but if it is big enough the vest one is to be made like a place for relaxation and calmness after a long day. Some of the tips for designing and furnishing the terrace are:  Before start selecting the furniture like a sofa, outdoor dining table, daybed or even a hot tub, you have to find the perfect surface that will last for long time in the outdoor. So, you don’t have to change the tile or wooden board occasionally. And you can add the lighting as the final touch, there are lots of outdoor lamp that we’ve featured on home drill and wide ranges of outdoor furniture. Another good idea is to have plants on the terrace.

Today it is also common for people to use the terrace for barbecues. When used this way, the place is equipped with the grill, chairs and other accessories typical of a backyard barbecue. The terrace can also be used for sunbathing. If you have really big terrace and you have the money Jacuzzi is a really great idea, but consider the proper design and if possible limited visibility from other buildings. It is best to be private in these places. Beside from the size of a terrace, the materials you use will be important. Make sure that it suits the weather in your area so people will be comfortable.

 The flooring for the terrace must be from hi-durable and all kind of weather resistant material. Some new technologies offer the non-slip material which will be very good for your terrace floor. Use water where possible, the water brings freshness to the terrace. Desk fountain or decorative table fountain can become a place where birds gather and "take bath". This is something that can be transformed terrace into filled with serenity and natural appearance, space. See our examples of well combined terrace about space and furniture and comment.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Polish Supercar - De Veno Arrinera

This new supercar is named De Veno Arrinera and it is produced and designed in Poland. This is the first Poland supercar, and it looks very good. But let’s see what’s under the good looking body. The Vehicle designed and created with the help of a British expert on supercars Lee Noble. De Veno Arrinera uses supercharged V8 engine with 6.2 liters volume, borrowed by the Corvette ZR1. He is placed in the middle of the chassis, drives the rear wheels and delivers 647 hp and 819 Nm. 

De Veno Arrinera features a pipe steel chassis and carbon fiber body. Some of the body panels are made of aluminum. There are ceramic brake discs, alloy wheels with size 19-inch in front and 20 inches on the back. The tires are 255/30/R19 - at the front and 335/25/R20 - on the back. On the company's website we find information that the car is equipped with several advanced technologies, including temperature viewfinder, which scans the space in front of cars, warning drivers of the presence of a humans or animal near the car's and visualize image on a monitor located on the center console. The price of "Polish Lamborghini" has not yet been officially announced. But it will probably be soon as Arrinera Automotive SA released a series of new photos and videos of the car. So don’t be surprised if you see this car “flying” near you.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Cradle for adults by Richard Clarkson

     Some of us remember the good days when we were only babies and we were sleeping and spending almost all of our day in our cradle. But if you don't there is a solution to remember the soft cozy and superior lightness of the cradle. 

The designer Richard Clarkson makes it possible with his Cradle but this time for adults. He is currently a 3rd year Industrial Design Student at Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand. He is specialized at Industrial Design, 3-D Modeling and Exhibition Design. The final product and this modernistic design were accomplished by the team Richard worked with. He shares his visions with Grace Emmanual, Brodie Campbell, Jeremy Broker, Eamon Moore, Kahlivia Russell and Joya Boerrigter.

 The cradle is created from wood and is like half a sphere. In the inside there is a huge pillow covering the inside of the cradle. The idea is to make a safe place where you can relax sleep and forget about day life stress. The cradle is so multifunctional that it can be placed anywhere in our home. The materials allow the Cradle to be placed even outside.


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