Monday, October 31, 2011

Rubik's cube chest with hidden drawers

This is a very creative idea from a non professional designer and furniture maker. This is a design that comes to life from a father to his son’s room. The final product is very tempting and beautifully finished. Rubik's cube is probable one of the most recognizable toys of all time. Despite it's been more that 30 years from its invention the cube is played now days and keeps the kid and their parents busy. Solving the cube remains a reasonably rare feat - you're either smart enough to have figured it out yourself, or geeky enough to have followed a how-to, and most people are neither. 
This unique design is copied from this person and turned into beautiful chest with tree drawers. This cubic piece of furniture has only one of the three required axes of rotation, so is unsolvable in the conventional sense. But the color pieces are removable and can be rearranged in any configuration you like. What is interesting is that the drawers are almost invisible. They have hidden locks so the task to find them is getting harder. This is really an example of that everyone can make something that looks modern and is practical in the same time. We have a short video from the chest, you can find it at the end of the article.

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