Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Unformed vase collection

Every interior is not completed if there aren’t the finishing touches of it. This can be achieved with flowers, paintings or little accessories. One of those little items is the collection of flower vases named "Unformed". The designer behind this project is Kei Izumi. He was born in 1985, Hokkaido, Japan. Studied art and design at Kanazawa College of Art and Crafts in Japan (2004-8) and holds a bachelor’s degree in industrial design. Now working on consumer electronics manufacturers while personal creative activities.

The items in the Unformed Collection are designed in various shapes and colors. The designer tried to escape from the traditional forms and create a new environment with objects with new and different shapes. The vases are made from plaster and resin. Every vase has a couple of open spaces for flowers. You can freely rearrange them depending witch space you want to use. The colors of the collection are very fresh, you can choose from yellow blue or gray. No matter witch one you choose you will make a perfect addition for your home.

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