Monday, January 30, 2012

Valentine’s Day gift - The Ventricle

St. Valentine’s Day is coming and everyone is looking for the perfect present for their loved one. Some choose to buy something, others to create something special and some just say they give there hart to their partner. Here is a great combination of all things you can imagine. To give a hart to your love for Valentine’s Day. Not real one but a vase that looks like the actual human heart.

The design and work is from Tsunami Glassworks and the vase is named the Ventricle. Tsunami Glassworks is a boutique firm specializing in creative solutions in decorative glass, and glass related products serving retailers, residential, and commercial design firms.  So if you are looking for a Valentines present this is a great solution. The design is very modern and fresh and makes the forms very beautiful and stylish. All vases are hand blown as there are two that looks same. Every vase is unique. The vase can be order in the size of 10", 16" and 22" in height. The price varies for every piece of art but starts from $550 to around $1200 depending on color and size.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Moon Lounge Chair by Mike To

This is the Moon Lounge Chair. This is the perfect combination between the retro style design and modern technologies and manufacturing methods. The designer behind this Moon chair is Mike To. He is the founder and owner of Objects Design Studio. He is born in 1963 in Hong Kong. He began his design career as a student at the First Institute of Art and Design and continued his studies in 2003 at the Hong Kong Art School. The chair is perfect for indoor or outdoor use. The materials that the Moon chair is made (Molded glass-fiber with a high-gloss finish) made him very durable lightweight and even easy to clean. Mike To chair design is Ergonomic and is also water-resistant.

The chair can be found in five different colors. The Moon chair is available in white, black, orange, bronze and red. The dimensions of  the chair are Height 62 cm, width 86 cm, depth 81 cm as the total weight is 18 kg. The seating height in this Mike To creation is 31 cm from the ground. The price for the Moon chair depends from the retailer but it can be found from around 439.00 pounds as the price varies depending on the color. So if you are nostalgic of the great Retro design but also like the new technologies then the Moon chair by Mike To is just for you.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

20 modern designers USB flash drives

The USB flash drives are a part of our everyday life. Nowadays everyone knows what they are, have some of them and use them daily. This data storage devisees use Universal Serial Bus (USB) Interface, hence the name. The USB drives are durable and can last up to 10 years. There are a lot of different drives on the market but that are typically with storage space from 4 to 64 GB. On the market you can find all different types of flash drives with various shape form color or material used for their body. The memory unit is almost the same. The shell is what you see and the people around you see.

So do you have designer or unique custom flash drive so you can stand in the crowd? Here we have a selection of 20 USB flash drive designs that will make you visible. The designer USB drives in the most cases use a unique and interesting modern form to represent their product. You can get a designer drive in the form of battery, car, light bulb, robot or even a key. Some of the designers use color variations for their product. Depending on the purpose of the USB it may be made from plastic wood and for best durability from metal. The variations are really so many you can get a drive that really suits you. So look at our list and see if you can find something for your taste.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Infinity bench by Andrew Williams and Tom Huang

This is a bench like no other. From all different angles you see different thing and you have different perception of the bench shape and size. This is the Infinity bench which is constructed and design by the collaboration of Andrew Williams and Tom Huang. Andrew Williams is a designer and a recent graduate with a degree in Industrial Design from the University of Kansas.

The bench is designed to be used in public areas and the lobbies of museum galleries or public buildings. The construction is made with the idea to be explored the possibilities of building furniture with bamboo strips. The designers wanted to see if the strip making process was structural enough to be implemented into a seating project.
In the process of construction the Infinity bench each bamboo strip has a custom milled profile. To make a perfect fit for the designer bench they use a vacuum forming machine and the bench itself as a mold. The end caps are made out of acrylic that is later painted on the inside. The final touch is added with a sprayed on lacquer.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Music nHow hotel in Berlin

This is the first music hotel in Europe. This marvelous building is in Berlin Germany. The nhow hotel is located on the banks of Spree River and is in the center of the lifestyle scene in Berlin. The designer behind this great and modern looking in and outside hotel is Karim Rashid and head Chef Patrick Rexhausen for the Restaurant. The Restaurant is called Fabrics and is on the ground floor. The walls in the restaurant are from glass and offer a great view to the river Spree and the Oberbaum Bridge.

The interior of the restaurant is very fresh. It is a combination of non-typical colors as green tables and chairs and pink walls. The nHow interior is in pop art style. The lobby is contemporary looking too. The designers used again fresh colors in various combinations as the pink color has its main place again.

The rooms are also modernistic. Every room has its own atmosphere. The furniture is with smooth lines and almost without edges. Everything is floating from one form to another. The music is main idea in the hotel design and service. For every room you can order as room service Gibson guitar or a Casio keyboard. In nHow Hotel you will also find and two mixing studios, 964 square meters conference center and Fitness. The nhow is one of those hotels that if you can you must visit.

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