Wednesday, January 25, 2012

20 modern designers USB flash drives

The USB flash drives are a part of our everyday life. Nowadays everyone knows what they are, have some of them and use them daily. This data storage devisees use Universal Serial Bus (USB) Interface, hence the name. The USB drives are durable and can last up to 10 years. There are a lot of different drives on the market but that are typically with storage space from 4 to 64 GB. On the market you can find all different types of flash drives with various shape form color or material used for their body. The memory unit is almost the same. The shell is what you see and the people around you see.

So do you have designer or unique custom flash drive so you can stand in the crowd? Here we have a selection of 20 USB flash drive designs that will make you visible. The designer USB drives in the most cases use a unique and interesting modern form to represent their product. You can get a designer drive in the form of battery, car, light bulb, robot or even a key. Some of the designers use color variations for their product. Depending on the purpose of the USB it may be made from plastic wood and for best durability from metal. The variations are really so many you can get a drive that really suits you. So look at our list and see if you can find something for your taste.


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