Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Infinity bench by Andrew Williams and Tom Huang

This is a bench like no other. From all different angles you see different thing and you have different perception of the bench shape and size. This is the Infinity bench which is constructed and design by the collaboration of Andrew Williams and Tom Huang. Andrew Williams is a designer and a recent graduate with a degree in Industrial Design from the University of Kansas.

The bench is designed to be used in public areas and the lobbies of museum galleries or public buildings. The construction is made with the idea to be explored the possibilities of building furniture with bamboo strips. The designers wanted to see if the strip making process was structural enough to be implemented into a seating project.
In the process of construction the Infinity bench each bamboo strip has a custom milled profile. To make a perfect fit for the designer bench they use a vacuum forming machine and the bench itself as a mold. The end caps are made out of acrylic that is later painted on the inside. The final touch is added with a sprayed on lacquer.


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