Thursday, January 19, 2012

Music nHow hotel in Berlin

This is the first music hotel in Europe. This marvelous building is in Berlin Germany. The nhow hotel is located on the banks of Spree River and is in the center of the lifestyle scene in Berlin. The designer behind this great and modern looking in and outside hotel is Karim Rashid and head Chef Patrick Rexhausen for the Restaurant. The Restaurant is called Fabrics and is on the ground floor. The walls in the restaurant are from glass and offer a great view to the river Spree and the Oberbaum Bridge.

The interior of the restaurant is very fresh. It is a combination of non-typical colors as green tables and chairs and pink walls. The nHow interior is in pop art style. The lobby is contemporary looking too. The designers used again fresh colors in various combinations as the pink color has its main place again.

The rooms are also modernistic. Every room has its own atmosphere. The furniture is with smooth lines and almost without edges. Everything is floating from one form to another. The music is main idea in the hotel design and service. For every room you can order as room service Gibson guitar or a Casio keyboard. In nHow Hotel you will also find and two mixing studios, 964 square meters conference center and Fitness. The nhow is one of those hotels that if you can you must visit.


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