Friday, January 6, 2012

Top 5 design post for 2011

Happy New Year 2012!

They say that it is:
Time for a new beginning, Time for new hopes, Time for new horizons. Let it be!

Happy, smiling and productive year for everyone. Let's we have a lot of health and love, family warmth, shared moments and our dreams come true. Let's be eager, successful and rewarding.
We will give our best to satisfy your demands with the best articles in modern design, architecture and will give you the best tips and ideas.

Those are the most read post of the year 2011. It is almost a year from our blog start, so this is also and the most read top 5 posts for all time. This compilation is made only from you. The more you read the higher the post goes on in the compilation. Articles are about architecture, interior design and tips and ideas. One of the most read themes in the whole blog is the Bauhaus interior and furniture.

And the winners are:
  1. Olympic stadium - London 2012 Olympic Games
  2. Bauhaus interior style Part I
  3. 20 Modern & Contemporary Living Rooms
  4. Guidelines for Bauhaus furniture
  5. Bauhaus interior style Part II

If you want next year / month to have different articles or articles as deferent theme it depends on you. Read and comment to popularize the articles you want.

Here is short information of the articles:

1. Olympic stadium - London 2012 Olympic Games

Olympic Stadium has 80,000 seats. Its construction took 1,000 days, which is 90 days less than the schedule. Its construction did cost 486 million pounds, which is 10 million less than initially budget. In the building of the stadium the constructors used special type of steel that made the stadium 75 % lighter that similar stadiums with regular steel. One eco-friendly parts is that they used only low-carbon concrete, made from industrial waste and containing 40 per cent less embodied carbon than usual.
A follower of Bakhaus is Marcel Breuer. His chair has a wooden frame with different trim options (belt of red, blue or white fabric, toucan of horsehair or cotton). Although he rebelled against the heavy furniture trimmings, he was always trapped with the traditional materials. Then Breuer abandoned solid wood for the use of metal. He makes the first metal chair "Vasili" constructed from nickel plated cold bent, seamless tubes and thick upholstery leather. In the camp of the innovators in the modern architecture of the twentieth century, the name of Lao Corbusier ranks high.

ery important details in living room are the seating’s and the lightening. The sofa or the couch must be position in that way the people will see each other and will be able to communicate and see others reactions. The lightening must match the whole idea of the interior and the living room must be good lighted. The wall must be simple and not with a lot of accessories maybe one or two centered in the middle. The furniture choice is personal but modern furniture is looking really great.
Take for example this glass and wood coffee table typical representative of Bauhaus style. The table is created form only three main parts, the glass top which is rounded in its three corners and the base which is consisted from two solid hardwood legs. The table is based on the designs of Noguchi made in 1940's. As we can see here we have clean and simple forms from natural materials as the base of the table is colored in black.  
Thanks to the flexibility of the laminated wood, furniture from this material have smooth shapes, consistent with the anatomical features of the human body. Due to the severe shortage of wood and opportunities for mass production, in the household more often are used metal furniture, plastic and glass. These materials offer great opportunity in terms of the formation and construction of modern furniture. Properties of metal, as a material allow the construction of furniture that regardless of its visual lightness are strong and durable.


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