Monday, January 30, 2012

Valentine’s Day gift - The Ventricle

St. Valentine’s Day is coming and everyone is looking for the perfect present for their loved one. Some choose to buy something, others to create something special and some just say they give there hart to their partner. Here is a great combination of all things you can imagine. To give a hart to your love for Valentine’s Day. Not real one but a vase that looks like the actual human heart.

The design and work is from Tsunami Glassworks and the vase is named the Ventricle. Tsunami Glassworks is a boutique firm specializing in creative solutions in decorative glass, and glass related products serving retailers, residential, and commercial design firms.  So if you are looking for a Valentines present this is a great solution. The design is very modern and fresh and makes the forms very beautiful and stylish. All vases are hand blown as there are two that looks same. Every vase is unique. The vase can be order in the size of 10", 16" and 22" in height. The price varies for every piece of art but starts from $550 to around $1200 depending on color and size.


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