Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bomers’ nr. 1 table by Jbomers

The nature has been always something that inspired many of furniture and interior designers. The forms shapes and the overall look of numerous numbers of natural made objects were base for popular modernistic designer furniture. This table is called Bomers’ nr. 1 and is inspired also from the nature and in particular from the oak tree. The design studio behind this project is Jbomers design. The main designer is Bachelor of Design, Design Academy Eindhoven from 2005 – 2010 and is graduated at the department: ‘Man and Leisure’.

The table is made from two different materials. For the top is used 200 years old oak wood. And the base is made from hand curved bars of steel. The base is made to look like the trunk and the branches of a typical oak tree. There is supposed to be an entire collection of furniture of this type as each and every piece is unique and handmade. At the top of the Bomers’ nr. 1 table you can see the finishes of the steel bars which represents the leaves of the oak tree. The idea of this table is very modernistic and will possible be suitable for any kind of room. So if you want to let the nature inside your homes get a Bomers’ nr. 1 table.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Carry-On Stool by Mattias Stenberg

Typical interior small furniture are portable inside our homes, but it take to much effort or sometimes two to three people just to move it some centimeters away from it current position. To fix this the Scandinavian designer Mattias Stenberg comes with the idea of Carry-On Stool that is very easy to move. The design studio behind this project is SVA&D. It was established in 2010 by Mattias Stenberg and focuses on contemporary architecture and design for private and corporate clients. SVA&D design is often inspired by everyday visual snapshots that we find all around us, but molded into new meaning and function. 

This modernistic furniture was shown at the Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair 2012. The stool is made from upholstered textured tweed body and a natural wooden handle. It can come in different colors as green or gray. Although this is not a perfect example of little portable furniture the handle is great looking as an addition to the stool. Carry-On Stool will look great in any children room as it brings freshness and playfulness.

Monday, February 27, 2012

20 modern designers fireplaces

The fireplace is very good looking in every modern home. The modern fireplaces are used not only for the great look and feel of cozyness in home. But they acctualy can be used for heating the entire home. There is big variaty of fireplace designes nowdays. They vary from size and shape. Some of them are with open fire but other are behind fireproof glass.

When the fireplace is primarily for beauty and styling the modern interior, especially if a table is nearby, it is good the fire to be raised to 40-60 cm above the floor. This way the fire can be seen from the guests. Raising the fireplace to a lower level for seating - 36 cm, with a bench on one or both sides is normally a good solution, especially if space below is used for raw and wet wood. Fireplace accessories are something beautiful and worthy of special design. So picke them very carefully and look so there design can match your overall interior.If your interior include glass and metal, it is better to restrict the shape of the fireplace to simple design and frugal decorations around the fireplace.

In general, fire inside is with more intense colors and expressive compared with the surrounding walls. Recently, more and more of the fireplace opening is closed partially or fully with glass or fine metal mesh, allowing the flames to be clearly visible, and sparks and embers do not fall on the floor. Despite them, the better solution is paving one meter in front of the fireplace with fireproof material. Flooring next to a fireplace look unnatural.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Rewash lamps collection by Tó Martins

We are always inspired by designs that combine more of one thing in them. This time we found this very interesting lamps that combine modernistic design and eco-friendly materials also recycled and reused. The name of this collection is Rewash lamps. The designer behind this project is the Portuguese Tó Martins. The Rewash lamps are made from metal stand and used washing machine barrels. The lamps come in big variety of designs and look.

The washing machine barrels are covered with different materials with are also used or recycled. The barrels are used as a shade for the lamp. They are covered will all kind of materials, some are covered with fethers, measuring tape, cork, ping pong balls, textile and even artificial grass. One very good part of the design is that you can get just the barrel and decorate it by your style and taste.

The Rewash lamps are very easy to assemble as they come in two parts the base and the shade made of washing machine barrel. With this big variety of colors materials and shapes you can place these lamps in any room you like, the living room, the hallway or even at the office.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Porsche museum in Stuttgart Germany

This marvelous building is the Porsche museum in Stuttgart Germany. The brand Porsche is worldwide known and famous for its great looking and fast sports cars. But this architecture design is very impressive also. Inside you will see the entire history of Porsche AG. The display area in the Museum is around 5600 square meters and in any time you will find at least 80 different expeditions. You can see many rare models and also a variety of historical for Porsche cars. The designer behind this project and in particular the building is Delugan Meissl. The expedition area is designed by HG Merz.

The final cost for this modern looking and functional museum was around 100 million Euros. The work for the design and main concept for Porsche museum in Stuttgart began in 2003. There are sections in the museums with different themes. The “Porsche Idea“ section focuses on specific, trailblazing technical solutions for interesting challenges from nearly all areas of mobility. Visitors can learn about the values, motivation, and philosophy driving the company throughout its history and to its ultimate success.

The “Product History" section is a chronologically arranged presentation of the history of Porsche sports cars from its beginnings in 1948 to the latest models with all their technological diversity and stylistic individuality. “Thematic Islands” focus on particular, especially important aspects of Porsche history. Some of them, like “Evolution 911,” are dedicated to specific model series. Others bring together vehicles from different eras, for example in the splendid motorsport history of “Le Mans.”

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