Thursday, February 16, 2012

Birdhouse by CPopp Workshop

This is the Birdhouse by CPopp Workshop. This piece of design object is sample that the typical items that we are used to be in some ordinary form and shape can be made to look different better and modern. CPopp Workshop is created by Curtis Popp. The studio is located in Northern California. The main line of products is one of a kind custom home boutique or business objects. Handcrafted by local artisans, every piece is made to order with a wide range of colors, species and finishes. The Birdhouse was created for a gallery exposition that benefits the art Departmen of a College.

But after the great receiving of the design the designers decided to make it a part of their collection. The Birdhouse stand on three steel legs. The top have the form of an egg and is hand milled from solid walnut or teak. The design is very sleek and modern and can be used outside but also and inside as a piece of art. The legs can be order in big variety of colors. Raw burnished finish, Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow, Black, White, and Grey. Custom colors and finishes are available at an up charge. The top can be ordered in Walnut or Teak. The size of the Birdhouse by CPopp Workshop is 16” x 64” and weight 15lbs. The base price is around 1500$.


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