Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bomers’ nr. 1 table by Jbomers

The nature has been always something that inspired many of furniture and interior designers. The forms shapes and the overall look of numerous numbers of natural made objects were base for popular modernistic designer furniture. This table is called Bomers’ nr. 1 and is inspired also from the nature and in particular from the oak tree. The design studio behind this project is Jbomers design. The main designer is Bachelor of Design, Design Academy Eindhoven from 2005 – 2010 and is graduated at the department: ‘Man and Leisure’.

The table is made from two different materials. For the top is used 200 years old oak wood. And the base is made from hand curved bars of steel. The base is made to look like the trunk and the branches of a typical oak tree. There is supposed to be an entire collection of furniture of this type as each and every piece is unique and handmade. At the top of the Bomers’ nr. 1 table you can see the finishes of the steel bars which represents the leaves of the oak tree. The idea of this table is very modernistic and will possible be suitable for any kind of room. So if you want to let the nature inside your homes get a Bomers’ nr. 1 table.


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