Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Foldy lamp collection by Ia Kutateladze

This is modern designed collection of lamps. The collection is called Foldy and is multifunctional and with variety of places to be used. In Foldy lamp collection you can choose a lamp for the ceiling, one for the floor or the typical for the table. The designer of Foldy is “Ia Kutateladze” from Georgia. She was born in Tbilisi in 1987. Her designs are playful, with attention to detail and profound understanding of the surroundings. The main idea behind the whole collection is simplicity and in the same time multifunctional.

The table lamp is with metal frame and can be very easily folded. One of the legs is wooden for better look. The lamp can be ordered in different colors.

The floor lamp is higher and has four foldable legs that end with wooden base. The lamp is perfect for spot light or as an accessory in the home.

And the last is the Chandelier or the ceiling lamp. This lamp has four different shades as everyone can be moved and folded separately from the others. This gives you a big variety of forms to arrange your lamp. The Foldy collection is really amazing and with its modernistic design can be perfect addition to every home.


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