Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Moonlighting - Nissyoku lamp

This is a very unique designed lamp that can change its form. The designer Peter Toronyi is based in Budapest industrial designer. The main idea behind the lamp is the meaning of light in Japanese culture. The Nissyoku lamp is inspired by the process of solar eclipse. The lamp plays with the light and the shadow contrast and makes very modern light effects. Nissyoku lamp is a moonlighting lamp. It`s not made for everyday use, but switch on when people are seeking an atmosphere to suit the mood of the moment.  The Nissyoku Lamp can bring a romantic atmosphere in your home when you need it or can bring relaxing mood in the moment you need.

Designed to mimic the way the moon obscures the light of the sun, the Nissyoku Lamp from Igendesign combines a natural occurrence in astronomy with the aesthetics of modern design. The Nissyoku Lamp features two panels that are fixed with magnets, which “move on the concave surface made out of the intersection of the two globes.” Powered by hybrid capacitors, capable of severe temperature with no maintenance over 10 years, the Nissyoku is an elegant lamp that draws inspiration from a solar eclipse to illuminate your place.

The lamp is switch on or off by pressing a metal ring in the middle of the lamp. The lamp is made with the process of vacuum forming. The lamp use only 5W of energy and use LED with two builds in each panel. This makes this product very eco-friendly. The batteries are super activated carbon (hybrid) that provides a faster cycle of charge and discharge and a longer life than ordinary batteries. Featuring a body finished in reusable or decomposing polymer, the lamp can be used in different ways - hanging chandelier, table or wall lamp.


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