Friday, February 17, 2012

Porsche museum in Stuttgart Germany

This marvelous building is the Porsche museum in Stuttgart Germany. The brand Porsche is worldwide known and famous for its great looking and fast sports cars. But this architecture design is very impressive also. Inside you will see the entire history of Porsche AG. The display area in the Museum is around 5600 square meters and in any time you will find at least 80 different expeditions. You can see many rare models and also a variety of historical for Porsche cars. The designer behind this project and in particular the building is Delugan Meissl. The expedition area is designed by HG Merz.

The final cost for this modern looking and functional museum was around 100 million Euros. The work for the design and main concept for Porsche museum in Stuttgart began in 2003. There are sections in the museums with different themes. The “Porsche Idea“ section focuses on specific, trailblazing technical solutions for interesting challenges from nearly all areas of mobility. Visitors can learn about the values, motivation, and philosophy driving the company throughout its history and to its ultimate success.

The “Product History" section is a chronologically arranged presentation of the history of Porsche sports cars from its beginnings in 1948 to the latest models with all their technological diversity and stylistic individuality. “Thematic Islands” focus on particular, especially important aspects of Porsche history. Some of them, like “Evolution 911,” are dedicated to specific model series. Others bring together vehicles from different eras, for example in the splendid motorsport history of “Le Mans.”


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