Monday, February 20, 2012

Rewash lamps collection by Tó Martins

We are always inspired by designs that combine more of one thing in them. This time we found this very interesting lamps that combine modernistic design and eco-friendly materials also recycled and reused. The name of this collection is Rewash lamps. The designer behind this project is the Portuguese Tó Martins. The Rewash lamps are made from metal stand and used washing machine barrels. The lamps come in big variety of designs and look.

The washing machine barrels are covered with different materials with are also used or recycled. The barrels are used as a shade for the lamp. They are covered will all kind of materials, some are covered with fethers, measuring tape, cork, ping pong balls, textile and even artificial grass. One very good part of the design is that you can get just the barrel and decorate it by your style and taste.

The Rewash lamps are very easy to assemble as they come in two parts the base and the shade made of washing machine barrel. With this big variety of colors materials and shapes you can place these lamps in any room you like, the living room, the hallway or even at the office.


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