Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Alliance Sideboard by TurriniBY

This furniture is called Alliance Sideboard. The design studio behind this contemporary looking furniture is TurriniBY. The studio is based in France and one of the main designers is Erwan PĂ©ron. The sideboard is made from high-quality materials as Oak and white Daquacryl® veneer. The form is irregular and the shape is very modernistic and makes the illusion of 3D twist in the form. The designer used two different colors in the overall look of the sideboard to make distinction in different parts. With this also the furniture is more attractive to everyone.

The Alliance Sideboard is not only a designer furniture it is also and functional with a total of four openings with doors and with enough deep inside there is a lot of space for your stuff. The dimensions of the product of TurriniBY are L/230 x P/52 X H/75 cm. The Sideboard comes in two variations, one is with natural wood color and the other is with black colored wood finish. The price is around 3 739 €. Alliance Sideboard is very stylish and will fit in any room of your modern home.

Friday, March 23, 2012

EsPresso™ by Dave Pickett

Conceptual design of one simple, easy and contemporary looking Coffee maker. The product is called EsPresso™ and is designed by Dave Pickett. He is graduating from The Cleveland Institute of Art. He is now located in Cleveland, OH. EsPresso™ is made to be easy, fun and efficient way to make your cup of coffee. The materials and construction of EsPresso™ machine allow it to be cleaned very easy and also dishwasher-safe.

The best part is that you can make your cup of coffee with a single push of the vacuum-pressure plunger mechanism to brew single cups of coffee. The forms are minimalistic and classic for the typical coffee maker. The designer tried to make it cost effective but in the same time useful and easy to use. The EsPresso™ comes in verity of colors as pink, black blue white green and others. The design is really sleek and modernistic so we are hoping to see the final product on the market. This coffee machine will be great for everyday use in small apartments or studios. The easy clean up is a plus for everyone.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sedici storage unit by Amitrani

This is one very modernistic piece of furniture. This drawer of solid wood attract not only by the material but with overall contemporary look. The storage unit is called Sedici and is made from design studio Amitrani. It is created by Roberto and Stefano Truzzolillo who specialize in wooden furniture. All products of the studio are prime quality long-lasting and environmentally friendly.

Amitrani is based in Lamezia Terme (Italy). Sedici is made from solid wood and as a form look like a very typical storage unit, but all the parts of this modernistic furniture are assembled with cuts of 45 degrees, so that the external edges will turn out to simply be thin lines. The result is very nice and good looking. This storage furniture comes in several colors. The height from the ground also can be selected from directly on the ground with no base at all to some centimeters from the ground. Sedici look great in any room as the solid wood make it more sophisticated and classy looking.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Plug Lamp by Form Us With Love

This is another great project from Design Studio Form Us With Love. We recently wrote about one of their projects called “Silestone Slab Vases”. Again as the last project here we found great design ideas. What's more in this project we have brilliant idea of how to extend the use of a normal lamp. The project is called Plug Lamp and is designed for “atelje Lyktan”. The main idea of the lamp is to have an additional plug socket. In these days with so many electronics we always need somewhere to charge our phones, laptops tablets or music players. The shape of the Plug Lamp is like a bulb.

The base is molded and then coated with powder aluminum. The extra socket is at the center of the base which makes it as a design part and looks beautiful even when unused. The light of the Plug Lamp can be dimmed to achieve the perfect mood for your room. So if you need a new lamp and have a lot of gadgets at your home consider getting one of Plug Lamps by design studio Form Us With Love. They come in big verity of colors so you will definitely find something for your taste. At the bottom of the page there is a short video of the product.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

PortiqueArmchair by Florent Coirier

As children all of us liked to play on the kinder swings in the gardens or at playgrounds. Those sweet memories of the free swinging and freeness inspired the Franch designer Florent Coirier. He is living and working in Paris and was born in Nantes in 1983. He has Franco-Polish origin. This modernistic designed arm chair is called PortiqueArmchair.

The designer Florent Coirier created this prototype with the collaboration of craftsmen of the Autonomous Port,GPM Nantes/Saint-Nazaire. The materials used for creating this arm chair are common materials used in shipbuilding. The base of the chair is made from bended aluminum tubes. The aluminum is perfect for this design as it is very light and in the same time durable. The rope is nautical rope in polyester and polyamide, stronger and more varied in choice of colors. Oak solid wood is used for the wooden board. The dimensions of the PortiqueArmchair are 665x645x735mm.

This chair plays with the archetypes of garden games, and refers directly to our childhood feelings. So if you want to feel the child years or just like this contemporary designed chair, you need to get one as its design is perfect for any of your rooms.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

National Library of Public Information

This contemporary designed building is the National Library of Public Information. This architecture miracle is located in Taichung Taiwan. The National Library has a total floor area of about 4,350 square meters. The architect studio behind this modernistic building is J. J. Pan & Partners with building contractor Kong Chou Construction Enterprise. The National Library of Public Information is located in the middle of the island of Taiwan in the one of the city's green belt systems. For a maximum transparency at the base of the building the ground floor is “streamlined”.

The interior is curved as this includes the walls and the windows also. The windows are very large with the idea visitors and readers inside to enjoy the green belt outside the building and relax. The folding facade reaches out for sunshine and creates shadows to enrich the building’s elevations. On the roof are located big round shaped openings witch help for indirect sunlight to light the interior and also bring fresh air inside. For best result in designing and achieving this free-formed structure the best and newest 3D software was used.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

BACO Sofa by Sara Ferrari Design

The modular furniture is always more practical and customizable for the end user. Many designers and furniture houses offer such type of interior furniture almost for any taste. But here we found something really interesting and modernistic looking. This is the BACO Sofa designed and made by Sara Ferrari Design. The studio is located in Brescia, Italy. The main person behind the studio is Sara Ferrari. She was born in Italy and graduated at MACHINA Lonati Fashion and Design Institute. In 2009 she founded Sara Ferrari Design.

In creating BACO Sofa are used only 100% natural materials. Another interesting thing in the design of this contemporary sofa is that there isn’t any type of fixing between the seats and the back. This helps the Sofa to be customizable as the back cushion is just lying on the seat. So you can just change the back cushion and have completely different sofa. The back cushions have been designed in different sizes and colors also and you can make combinations of colors and shapes to achieve the perfect look for your sofa.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Giant Birdsnest for creating new ideas by OGE

What's it like to be in bird nest, to sleep and relax in it. Probably only the little birds can say, but not anymore. O*GE CreativeGroup brings to us a bad shaped and formed like a giant bird nest. The designers called the bed “Giant Birdsnest for creating new ideas”. The main idea is to combine the typical furniture and playground. The designers behind O*GE CreativeGroup are Gaston Zahr and Merav Eitan. They both are award winning architects that are currently based in Haifa, Israel. In 2007 together they founded O*GE Interactive Gallery.

The bed comes ready to be used for sleeping, playing or even working and thinking of new ideas. The Giant Birdsnest can be ordered in three different sizes as the biggest one is with diameter of 4.5 meters and can host to 16 people. The bed design is like a bird nest oval and inside there are a lot of different big pillows. The pillows are white and green in color. So if you have enough space to place this bed and have a child or still have child dreams then you can try this modernistic “Giant Birdsnest for creating new ideas”

Friday, March 9, 2012

Reverse Dowry by Akke Functional Art

This completely unusual coffee table is part of the collection Potential for Collapse furniture. This contemporary table is called Reverse Dowry and is designed form Akke Functional Art. They are modern furniture Design Company dedicated to exploring the dynamic between two elements natural and industrial. Akke Functional Art incorporates both finished and live edge slabs of wood with metal, glass, and stone.

The table is started as a gift to a special person for the designer and he includes all his thoughts and ideas for the modern furniture. The coffee table Reverse Dowry is made from oiled reclaimed ipe wood for the legs, stainless steel cable for holding all the structure, glass for the top of the table and little aluminum for connecting the legs with the top. Despite the table looks ready to collapse the structure is stable and functional. The combination of the materials and the shape combined make very good solution for a modernistic coffee table. As for now Reverse Dowry coffee table is made in one example and is given as a gift but if there is an interest the designer can decide to push it to the market.

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