Tuesday, March 13, 2012

BACO Sofa by Sara Ferrari Design

The modular furniture is always more practical and customizable for the end user. Many designers and furniture houses offer such type of interior furniture almost for any taste. But here we found something really interesting and modernistic looking. This is the BACO Sofa designed and made by Sara Ferrari Design. The studio is located in Brescia, Italy. The main person behind the studio is Sara Ferrari. She was born in Italy and graduated at MACHINA Lonati Fashion and Design Institute. In 2009 she founded Sara Ferrari Design.

In creating BACO Sofa are used only 100% natural materials. Another interesting thing in the design of this contemporary sofa is that there isn’t any type of fixing between the seats and the back. This helps the Sofa to be customizable as the back cushion is just lying on the seat. So you can just change the back cushion and have completely different sofa. The back cushions have been designed in different sizes and colors also and you can make combinations of colors and shapes to achieve the perfect look for your sofa.


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