Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Oz Sofa and Bed by Nicola Gallizia

This article is for contemporary design Sofa that is also multifunctional. This is 2 in 1 Sofa and spacious family bed. This modernistic furniture is called Oz Sofa. The designer of this is Nicola Gallizia. He was born in Milan Italy. He studied in the faculty of architecture are Milan Polytechnic. The design of the Oz sofa is made with the idea to be used in more popular these days small apartments, or for guest rooms where you don't want a bed to be filling a room entire day. This really comfortable sofa can be transformed to fully usable bed in just a minute.

The Oz Sofa by Nicola Gallizia use brand new mechanism for the fast transformation using special servomechanisms. The mattress size is either 1600 or 1800mm and the overall maximum height of the backrest/headboard is 670mm. To be achieved the usual bed look including only the headboard and backrest the lateral armrests are also moved and go under the bed. For comfort for the sleeping or gust relaxing person the back rest have two position. The materials used for making the Oz Sofa are fabric quilted in a unique pattern, with colored quilting contrasting the fabric used. You can find a video of the Oz Sofa at the bottom.


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